Mental Health

Able Community has partner with Connected Healthcare Initiative providing collaboration platform, volunteers and shared resources for society nonprofits.

Agriculture, Fruits & Vegetable Farming

The coronavirus crisis has severely affected livelihoods, local industries and the economy in general. It has also disrupted world trade, supply chains and also the production of food and agricultural products and commodities

Orphan & Children Care and Education

A barbaric attack was committed yesterday at Kabul University. I’m  in contact with the university, 25-30 people died and

40 students were injured. With this money, I would like to support them to arrange the funeral and also to ease a bit of their suffering.. If the amount is more than expected, we can help the university with the reconstruction as well. 

Orphan & Children Care and Education

Clean Water & Wells

Nearly 1,000 children under age 5 die every day from diarrhea caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation, and unsafe hygiene.

Family & Women Vocational Training & Jobs

Through our society programs in countries with high poverty rates and where securing gainful employment is an ever-present challenge, women in low-income neighborhoods in Jalisco, Mexico face daily struggles in leading healthy, full lives.

Food Distribution

Able Community is working with our member nonprofits in supporting Most families in U.S, rural and villages of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Pakistan and Vietnam living a subsistent life.

Poverty in America

Even before the pandemic hit, some 13.7 million households, or 10.5% of all U.S. households, experienced food insecurity at some point during 2019, according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Economic Empowerment

More than 700 million people worldwide are living on less than $1.90 a day. When you’re that far behind, it’s hard to get ahead.


58 million primary-school-age children are not enrolled in school; 53 percent of these are girls; These children are at greater risk for exploitation, child marriage, and lower income-earning potential.


Our Interfaith is central to who we are. We respect, care and partner with nonprofit organizations and members who follow God’ example by being an active, visible, tangible expression of God’s love as we work alongside the poor and oppressed.

Homeless Shelter

Able Community has established collaboration and support for Homeless Shelter nonprofits.

Child Protection

Millions of children are trapped by violence, war, child labor, and trafficking.  Able Community is working with our partner nonprofits protecting children by looking out for their well-being

Animal & Fisheries

821 million people go to bed hungry every night. Let's change that!

Distribution Channel & Partners

We are scaling up our impact to bring millions of people out of poverty every day.

Uyghur Society

Since 2017, the Chinese government under the Xi Jinping Administration has pursued a policy which has led to more than one million Muslims (the majority of them Uyghurs) being held in secretive detention camps without any legal process.